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Login with Image

Login with Image is a more effective way to manage employee attendance. With the advent of technology, attendance can be recorded with an instant image of the employee. 
So the attendance punch-in of an employee is now captured with Time, Image & Location Ip.

Location Capture

Location Capture helps you easily store and manage your location data. Get quick insights on where your employees are located, customize settings to suit your needs, and share interactive maps with colleagues. With Location Capture, you can easily control where you’re headed.

Leave & Attendance Management

Keep track of your employees' attendance and leaves with automated Leave & Attendance Management. Quick and easy to set up, our web-based solution is designed to make monitoring employee absences easier so you can focus on other important tasks.

Employee Engagement

Elevate your team with our employee engagement solutions. We provide the tools, resources, and support to ensure that your employees feel empowered, connected, and motivated. Take the next step in creating a culture of success with us.

Chatbot System

The user experience for HR and employees is enhanced by chatbots, which are now being adopted as a communications platform by organizations 90% increasingly often.

Employee Survey

Keep your workforce engaged and informed with our employee survey tool. Our employee survey tools allow you to measure key performance indicators, gain valuable feedback and improve overall company culture.

Company Policies

The effective functioning of an organization depends on its company policies. These guidelines serve as the organization's and its employees' main guide for how they must perform and conduct themselves in order to ensure a secure working environment for everybody.

Performance & Appraisal Management

Achieve peak performance with our performance & appraisal management solution. Our intuitive platform provides real-time feedback, goals tracking, and analytics to help you understand and improve employee performance. Drive high-performing teams with our easy-to-use tools today.

Payroll Management

Payroll Management which helps in automating salary calculations and payments
Ultimately, TheAdroit HRMS is designed to help businesses of all sizes streamline their human resource processes so that they can gain greater efficiency and productivity in managing their workforce.

Recruitment & Applicant Management

Make finding and hiring the right people easier with our recruitment and applicant management solutions. Our tools help you streamline candidate sourcing,review applications, and onboarding - all in one place.

Project Management System

Simplify your project management process with the best web-based project management system. Streamline your workflow,assign tasks, manage resources, track progress and get real-time reports with our easy-to-use platform.

Document management system

Get organized and save time with our easy-to-use document management system. Our web-based platform keeps all your documents securely stored, trackable, and accessible anytime and anywhere.

Multi-location management

Multi-location management lets you manage your business operations centrally and remotely. Keep track of employees, locations, customer segmentation, analytics dashboards, and more all from a single dashboard. Get organized and increase efficiency with multi-location management.

Employee database

Employee Database for tracking employee information such as qualifications, skills, experience, and contact details.

Standard Reports & Analytics

Get powerful insights with our Standard Reports & Analytics. Our reporting suite provides real-time data and actionable metrics to help you make informed decisions and optimize your performance. Quickly track progress, compare performance against goals, and identify opportunities to improve.

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Digital Onboarding Image

Digital Onboarding

Time Attendance Image

Time Attendance

Leaves & Holidays Image

Leaves & Holidays

Employee Documents Image

Employee Documents

Timeline & Feed Image

Timeline & Feed

Notifications Image


Announcements Image


Greetings Image


Helpdesk Image


Appraisal Image


Project Management System Image

Project Management System

Salary Structure Image

Salary Structure

Payroll Generation Image

Payroll Generation

Claim & Reimbursement Image

Claim & Reimbursement

Salary slips Image

Salary slips

PF & ESIC Image


PT & MLWF Image


Income Tax Image

Income Tax

Form 16 Image

Form 16

Job Posting Image

Job Posting

Talent Profiling Image

Talent Profiling

Interview Scheduling Image

Interview Scheduling

Resume Management Image

Resume Management

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More than 1000 Employees `25/- per Employee

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What is HRMS? Why there is a need of HRMS?

Human Resource Management System (HRMS) is a combination of software and processes that enable Human Resources (HR) departments to effectively manage the entire employee life cycle.

From recruiting and onboarding to payroll, performance management, training, and development, HRMS helps HR departments streamline their processes.

The need for HRMS arises from the fact that managing human resources manually can be time-consuming, tedious, and prone to errors. By automating the HR process with an online system, companies can reduce paperwork and administrative costs while ensuring the accuracy of data.

Additionally, an HRMS can provide useful insights into employee engagement and workforce performance which can help organizations make better decisions related to their people management strategies.

What is the difference between HCM, HRIS and HRMS?

Human Capital Management (HCM), Human Resource Information System (HRIS), and Human Resource Management System (HRMS) are all tools used to manage human resources within an organization. They each have their own unique functions, but they all share a common goal to help organizations manage their employment force more efficiently.

HCM: HCM is a broad term used to encompass many aspects of personnel management such as recruitment, payroll administration, training & development, performance management, and employee engagement.

HRIS:  HRIS is more specifically focused on the data side of things. It's designed to store information about employees such as contact information or past job history.

HRMS:  HRMS is the platform that provides access to employee data and allows for efficient tracking of payroll, benefits administration, and performance reviews.

Why The Adroit HRMS is called One Stop Solution for all your HR needs?

The Adroit HRMS is a comprehensive, one-stop solution for all your Human Resources Management System (HRMS) needs. It has been designed from the ground up to be an easy-to-use and reliable system that can handle all aspects of HR management.

From streamlining recruitment processes to managing employee performance, TheAdroit HRMS helps you track everything in one place. This makes it the perfect choice for businesses of any size looking to streamline their HR operations and provide a better experience for their employees.

It has powerful features like automated payroll processing, employee self-service portals, and much more that make it the ideal choice for any business looking to optimize its human resource operations.

What are the key features of The Adroit HRMS?

The Adroit HRMS is an advanced Human Resource Management System that provides a comprehensive suite of features to manage your Employee database, leave & attendance management, HRIS etc. It offers an efficient and cost-effective solution for the effective management of human resources, with features such as advanced analytics and reporting capabilities, an employee self-service portal, automated workflows, reminders, and much more. The key features of The Adroit HRMS are;

  • Login with Image.
  • Location Capture
  • Leave and Attendance Management.
  • Employee Engagement.
  • Chatbot System.
  • Employee Survey.
  • Company Policies.
  • Claim Reimbursement.
  • Performance Appraisal Management.
  • Payroll Management.
  • Recruitment and Application Management.
  • Project Management System.
  • Document Management.
  • Multi-Location Management.
  • Employee Database.

What is the role of Chatbot in HRMS?

Chatbots are virtual assistants that are always on hand to assist employees with their concerns 24x7, which makes the HRMS system employee friendly. A chatbot in HRMS software is responsive & instant, for example, it can immediately show salary slips if an employee type the query ‘my salary slip’.

Conversational AI chatbots can increase interaction and drive engagement. By using Chatbot, HRMS becomes instant, accurate & saves lots of communication time.

How to keep track on employee lifecycle?

Any organization must understand the employee lifecycle, and HR professionals have a responsibility to maintain both the organization's as well as its employees' development.

The employee lifecycle consists of 5 stages i.e., Recruitment, Onboarding, Development Retention, and Offboarding. All the above stages are covered in the HRMS system to understand their employees’ needs and develop strategies to meet those needs and ensure that all necessary steps are taken to optimize employee productivity and engagement.

The employee life cycle model is important for a number of reasons. The biggest benefit is that it encourages you to evaluate and improve the employee experience at each stage of the model. And the better the experience an employee has with your company, the more likely they are to continue working for you.

Does The Adroit HRMS software shows visual representation of employee’s performance and how?

Yes, The Adroit HRMS software shows a visual representation of employee performance in the form of reports. An employee performance dashboard is a tool that brings together an employee's most important KPIs into a single display. Managers can see these KPIs at a glance and use them to give feedback.

A recent study by Oracle suggests that employee analytics are becoming increasingly important in HRMS software. 89% of the HR professionals surveyed believed that they were highly skilled at using data to determine future workforce plans. 

Everyone in the organization, from employees to HR, may view their respective performance under the Reports feature by simply selecting Name and Date. It is the easiest way to get actionable data around HR operations.

How to manage employees digitally?

One of the core responsibilities of an HR manager in both small and large companies is employee management.

Although the Digital HRMS platform is a user-friendly platform that allows employees to perform out a wide range of tasks across many modules. With the help of The Adroit HRMS system, the HR manager can manage employee information such as Employee directory, time, and attendance, update personal information, and makes seamless digital onboarding of employees.

Document features allow HRMS software to record employee information permanently with complete security and no risk of losing it. As all this information is stored in a digital way where it has been time consumed and reduced the dependency on paperwork for HR professionals.

How many days are required to setup HRMS system?

 It will just require 7 to 15 working days to setup The Adroit HRMS System in your organization to make it ready to work.

 There are four simple steps to setup the HRMS system.

 1. Register an account for your company on The Adroit HRMS.

 2. Completely populate your employee database.

 3. HRMS Software shoots the email to employees with their login details.

 4. HRMS system is  Ready to implement.

Does The Adroit HRMS software offers training or videos that serve as demonstrations of the HRMS system?

Yes, The Adroit HRMS system makes it easy for you to access all of the features with the help of Demo videos to let you completely understand the HRMS system. We also provide manual training in the best HRMS software system for easy access of the system.

Can The Adroit HRMS software be modified to meet our specific HR requirements?

Yes, in our Custom plan, The Adroit HRMS software can be customized to meet the requirements of a client, however, there are some restrictions. The Adroit HR management system software focuses on your regulatory compliance, and HR Best Practices, identify potential problem areas, and offers solutions.

Does The Adroit HRMS software support multi location organization HR requirements?

Yes, The Adroit HRMS software system supports a multi-location management feature which helps you to easily manage all your HR requirements under one platform. While you continue expanding your business, we help you to manage all your resources effectively. The multi–location management feature equips the parent company with real-time operational as well as financial information for all its subsidiary companies regardless of their geographical locations.

The multi-Location Management feature simply centralizes and ensures data consistency across the organization. The Adroit hr management software focuses on your regulatory compliance, and HR Best Practices, identify potential problem areas, and offers solutions.

What are the benefits of Survey system in an HRMS systems of HRIS?

An inbuilt function of Surveys in HRMS of the HRIS system is found to be more comfortable for employees to share their feedback on any activities in the organization.

For HR professionals, collecting feedback through our online HRMS system becomes way easier when compared to sharing forms for their people to fill out. Quick and unbiased feedback can be easily collected via online surveys under the HRMS system.

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